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How should you take care of a roly poly bug?

Go outside and get some rich, damp, dark topsoil, and cover the bottom of a small animal tank with it. Next, take a trowel and gather leaf litter from under a tree or bush and (MORE)

Are roly poly birds real?

No, roly poly bird is just a fictional character in children's  books by Roald Dahl.
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How many legs does a roly-poly have?

The roly-poly bug (aka pill bug, BB bug, and Armadillo bug) has seven pairs of legs for a total of 14 legs. It is classified as an isopod, a different type of arthropod than i (MORE)

How many babies do roly polys have?

Between 20-30 babies but the most they can have is 50 the most, to mate they need to be the same now if it has babies check its stomach if it has white eggs on it ther (MORE)

How do you care for a roly poly bug?

  thy are actually called "Isopods"   they eat dead or decayed plants or even animals. Some eat live plants too   rocks with leaf litter.... keep it moist. they love (MORE)

Can a roly poly bug be a pet?

Theoretically, any animal can be a "pet", but as roly poly bugs don't exactly have long life spans, it would be kind of cruel to take them from their natural environment unles (MORE)
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Why was rolie polie olie discontinued?

Rollie Pollie ollie was not doing very well with the viewers while it was aired. It was removed from Disney Channel around 2003 or so.
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