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Which is better tin pie pan or glass pie pan?

Glass or ceramic make the best pies. They hold the heat more evenly. Glass has the benefit of being see-through, so you can see the color of the crust. Metal pie pans sometime (MORE)

Can you use cake pans for pie baking?

You can use a round cake pan, although the crust may not turn out as planned. This works better for cold pies such as cream pies and meringue pies. Hot pies, such as fruit pie (MORE)

Your mother is looking for a half pie pan to bake a pie does anyone know where to get this?

Yes, there is a "half-pie" pan. I bought several a few years ago at Kitchen Connection and I really use it a lot. I cannot find it on-line now. Perhaps it has been discontinue (MORE)

How can you make a pie pan clock?

Get a pie pan and decorate it with numbers put the numbers three six nine and twelve first to create correct spacing and put the rest of the numbers on it and poke a small hol (MORE)

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