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When do kittens blink?

  all cats blinks it's just that they dont blink that much cause they always sleep
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What does kittens drink?

Kittens drink milk from there until they are a certain age andusually you give them water to drink because as they get older milkis a meal for them not just a drink. so if you (MORE)

How do you train a kitten?

Don't overload your kitten the first few days or weeks you bring them home. Introduce her one day at a time to the rooms in your house, making sure she always knows where her (MORE)

What are kittens?

Kittens are baby cats. Kittens are born into a litter of three to six babies on average. Their sight and hearing are very poor at birth, but develop over the first three month (MORE)

Can a kitten have a kitten?

For the most part, cats are considered mature at around 1 years of age, with the exception of large breeds which are fully mature around 2 or 3 years old. Anything younger is (MORE)

How do you get a kitten to eat kitten food?

Answer: First you start out by just giving them luke warm Kitten Replacer Milk (KMR). When the kittens are around six weeks old you can start adding little bit of wet cat foo (MORE)

Can a 6 month kitten have kittens?

Answer: Yes, However, there are risks such as birth defects  and low birth weight. thats not cat bamma had kittens when  she was one and after Its one it takes 6 mon (MORE)

How do you get a kitten out of your garage?

Approach slowly, talk softly, place a chair nearby and sit quietly as you continue talking. Each time, bring soft (canned) kitten food with you, nicely broken up in a low bowl (MORE)

What is a tom?

The word Tom is a name of a person. It is a well known boy name.
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