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Why do teens date?

  It is the begining of the search for a mate and life partner.
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Why do teens get jobs?

Teens get jobs because they have to feel independent. Sometime they need cash in their pocket so they get a job to get cash. Rather than going out & selling drugs.
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Why do teens get tattoos?

teenagers get tattoos for many reasons just like everyone else, they could be doing it because its a fade going around at school, they want a tattoo of someone or something th (MORE)

Websites for teens? youtube ummm the friendship page i personally like they hav alot of ppl on there its cool the ages r for 12-15 ON (MORE)

Teen in diaper?

I do not see anything wrong with it let them be what they want to be
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How do I get my teen to wash?

  Buy a Medical Journal on skin diseases associated with being "dirty" Take your teen to the Dr and discuss the need to wash and what happens when you dont... Plan a v (MORE)

What are teen curfews?

Teen curfews are laws enforced in many cities around the world that restrict children under a certain age (teens) to be out on the streets after a certain time at night and be (MORE)

Why do teen rebel?

Teens rebel because they want to be independent it's a natural instinct they are halfway between making their own decisions and not being able to. They are their own person. E (MORE)
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Why do teen misbehave?

Teens rebel, no matter what. They want to do what they want to do. And having to be told what to and what not to do makes them rebel.
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