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How can a thin man gain weight?

You need to look at a caloric scale. It depends on your current weight, how much you exercise, and your age. Most people though only need to eat 500 more calories a day. You w (MORE)

How long can you stay in a home once it goes into foreclosure?

It depends upon the laws of the state, most states allow 30 days. Contact the clerk of the circuit court in the county where the property is located for specific information. (MORE)

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How do you get thin?

Here are suggestions from various WikiAnswer contributors: Excessive weight gain can be caused by many things including genetics. The most common reasons for weight gain are (MORE)

Who starred in the thin man series?

Peter Lawford played Nick Charles in the tv series. It premiered on Friday Sept. 20, 1957 and ended in 1960. Phyllis Kirk played Nora Charles. and of course Asta.
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