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What is time machine on a mac?

Time Machine is software that will automatically back up and catalogue everything on your Mac's hard disc. You can then use Time Machine to find copies of files, from the bac (MORE)

Why can a telescope be considered a time machine?

It can't. There is no such thing as a time machine. I think you are talking about looking at a planet or star that is millions of light years away. The star you are looking at (MORE)
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Is there such thing as time machines?

Yes but rules will probably be put in place so that you may not change certain things. Also one is being developed right now!
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How do you build a time travel machine?

To make a wormhole that would serve as a time machine, you would need a massive amount of energy, a collider, and imploder, an inflator and a differentiator. The collider wo (MORE)
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Who is Filby in the time machine?

Filby is a man that the time traveler uses as a witness Chapter one describes him having red hair. He also feels inferior to the time traveler. He is also uncomfortable at th (MORE)

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The time machines point of view?

I assume you mean the science fiction novel by H.G. Wells. the point of view is an omniscient ( Know-it-all Third person. For some odd reason , that I have never gotten a stra (MORE)
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How does a time machine work?

first you talk to a lady she will give you a paper and to power the machine you have to go down you will find something with a yellow end push it to the other one and you are (MORE)
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How do you invent the time-machine?

You don't. Time was created to be travled through in a forward progressing pattern, therefore if you try to reverse the process, you would fin that it would be an impossible p (MORE)

How To Build A Time Machine?

You need to look at the misconception that time is a dimension, and  that traveling its length is even possible. Though often described  as such, it is not a dimension. It i (MORE)

How do you make a time machine in minecraft?

There is no time machine in minecraft. The "Time Machine" is a  nickname for the Minecraft Launcher, the startup of the game. You  can access old versions of Minecraft.
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