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What will you do if there a tornado?

If you mean for safety the best thing to to is go to the basement or underground storm shelter if you have one. If you can't get to underground shelter get to the lowest flo (MORE)

What can you do for a tornado?

If a tornado is headed your way, the last thing you should do is pack up and try to drive away. Instead, if you have a tornado shelter, gather your family and shut yourselves (MORE)

What do you do when there is a tornado?

You go in the basement and find something storey to hid under. you should not panic and remember all the things you need to do especially find a place where you can be safe .. (MORE)

What do you do after a tornado?

Say " YES, I'M ALIVE"! make sure everything is OK if your house didn't get damaged by the tornado stay inside don't touch downed power lines they can shock you leave fluids al (MORE)

What can you do about tornadoes?

Take cover...and fast. Not sure about your question. Tornadoes will be tornadoes. As I said before take cover. I've always been taught to get into a closet. Or get into a bath (MORE)

What is in a tornado?

A tornado is made up of violently rotating air. It often contains moisture that has condensed as well as dust and sometimes debris that the tornado has picked up.
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Why are there tornadoes?

Simply put tornadoes are a means by which storms release energy.  These storms in turn have the function of redistributing heat and  moisture on earth.   The formation o (MORE)

When will we have a tornado?

It is impossible to answer this question for two reasons:    It is impossible to predict when a location will next be hit by  a tornado unless that tornado will strike (MORE)