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Do Hindus wear turbans?

Some Hindus will wear turbans and others do not; for they are common among Hindus in the states of Rajasthan, Mysore and Kodagu; but not common in other states. However these (MORE)
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Why do Sikh men wear turbans?

A turban is a kind of heard wear that invovles cloth winding. Sikh  consider wearing turbans as part of their religious practice. All  Sikhs prefer not to cut there hair so (MORE)

Who wears a turban?

In the Western countries (United States, England, Australia, and Canada), the people that wear turbans are Sikhs. There are two types of turbans that Sikhs wear: Dastar and Pa (MORE)

What is a turban made of?

Turbans are traditional head wraps that were mostly worn by men.  They have become trendy and fashionable so others wear them now.  They are made from long strips of cloth.
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Why Sikhs tie turban?

During the reign of the Mughal emperor Jahangir, Sikhs started facing religious victimization. To protect themselves from the violence of the Mughal rulers, Guru Gobind Singh (MORE)

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Who were the Red Turbans?

A peasant rebel movement in northern China in the 14th Century.  They were opposed to the Yuan dynasty, 1206 - 1368
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