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Can you wear velvet in the fall?

  I was wondering the same thing and just researched it. According to my research, you can wear velvet anytime. You can dress it up or down, and it is a fabric for all sea (MORE)

Who is the little gentleman in black velvet?

Possibly a tycoon or a politician if he's wearing a top hat. Other than that, I'm afraid I don't know. The little gentleman in black velvet is a mole. William III of England, (MORE)

What are velvet ants habitat like?

Most Mutillidae (velvet ants) live in the warmer parts of the  planet, and mainly in fairly dry areas. Some of them live in nearly  desert areas. They must live in places wh (MORE)

Do they bleed when they shed their velvet?

If by they, you mean deer, then yes. Velvet covers deer's antlers and feeds the antlers the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow. There is a base at the base of each antler, (MORE)
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What is the difference between velvet and velveteen?

Velvet and velveteen are not the same. Velveteen is a plain, woven fabric with the low pile created from filling loops. Side by side, cotton velvet will be deeper in color and (MORE)

When a velvet ant stings do you die?

No, you won't die, but you'll feel like you will! The velvet ant (or Dasymutilla occidentalis) is actually a wasp that can sting multiple times, and will if provoked. If you d (MORE)
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What is underground?

Utilities like electrical equipment, telephone, cable tv and computer lines, fire/burglar alarms, emergency services, government services, transportation like auto, rail etc. (MORE)

What kind of Tone Bender guitar pedal did Lou Reed use during the Velvet Underground era?

from what i've read ( both on the web ad in richie unterberger's 'white light white heat - the v.u. day by day') lou used a vox distortion booster mini box which plugged right (MORE)