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Does Nico have a crush on Percy?

Yes. In the House of Hades, Nico di Angelo is revealed (well,  forced) by Cupid in Croatia to admit his crush on Percy Jackson in  front of Jason Grace.

What is nico robin?

  As what I know, Nico Robin is a fictional character in anime serial and in One Piece manga. She gained a special power after she ate one of The Evil Fruit called Hana Ha (MORE)

What is the Velvet Ghetto?

  The velvet ghetto is an idea describing the high profile, but low power positions in business and government that are given to women and minorities. Placing minorities a (MORE)

When does Nico Robin join Luffy?

Im not sure exactly what episode it is, but she joins in the episode after the Strawhats leave from the Arabasta Incident, so it would probably be in like episodes 150-160. N (MORE)

Who are the members of the velvet underground?

The original line-up in 1966 was Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale, Maureen Tucker, and Nico. Nico left after the first album in '67, and John Cale was replaced by Doug Y (MORE)

Is nico a boy or girl name?

It is mainly used for boys, but there are some girls named Nico - for example the singer/model who started with the Velvet Underground and later had a solo career - Vanessa Wi (MORE)
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What is underground?

Utilities like electrical equipment, telephone, cable tv and computer lines, fire/burglar alarms, emergency services, government services, transportation like auto, rail etc. (MORE)

What kind of Tone Bender guitar pedal did Lou Reed use during the Velvet Underground era?

from what i've read ( both on the web ad in richie unterberger's 'white light white heat - the v.u. day by day') lou used a vox distortion booster mini box which plugged right (MORE)