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Who is a Venetian mannerist painter?

Jacopo Robusti, (Tintoretto). Movement, Style, School or Period:. Mannerism, Venetian School. Date and Place of Birth:. 1519, Venice. (MORE)

Is Macao a country?

Answer   No. It is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China.
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Distance macao to zhongshan?

Zhongshan city in Guangdong? About 55km and it need 1 hour drive run between these two cities... more then 50km, Go by car at gongbei zhuhai, and then pass it begins, but in t (MORE)

What is a venetian hour or venetian carnival?

A 'Venetian hour' is customary during Italian weddings. During this time, a large variety of pastries, fruits, cakes, and coffees are served on a large table. This is usually (MORE)