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When were Venetian blinds invented?

  December 11, 1769 - Edward Bevan patented Venetian blinds in London, England. August 21, 1841 - The first U.S. patent for a venetian blind was issued to John Hampson (MORE)

How do you clean venetian blinds?

Find a professional "ultrasonic" service, much the same as jewelry cleaning in which blinds are dipped into a vat of solution and agitated ultrasonically. I was stunned to fi (MORE)
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Distance macao to zhongshan?

Zhongshan city in Guangdong? About 55km and it need 1 hour drive run between these two cities... more then 50km, Go by car at gongbei zhuhai, and then pass it begins, but in t (MORE)

When were Venetian Blinds first used?

I believe sometime in the 1950's was when they were mass produced. There were factories throughout the US. I know that in PA there were some factories by Malcolm Weeks who dis (MORE)

How were the moors and Venetians regarded in Shakespeare's day?

Moor was the common term for all African people. A diplomatic delegation from Morocco had arrived in Elizabethan London and had favourably impressed the English people. They w (MORE)

What is the Florentine and the Venetian approach to reporting?

The Venetian style of reporting, puts the debits on the left side  of the accounting sheet, across credits. It uses several  cross-indexed books. This style became the model (MORE)