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Are dachshunds vicious?

  No way! This is just a stereotype you've heard. My dachshund is the love of my life, the sweetest dog on the planet. And a coward, haha. Dachshunds are very loving pets. (MORE)
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Are wombats vicious?

Wombats are not at all vicious, but they are stubborn. They will travel in a straight line to reach their intended destination, often running straight through anyone or anythi (MORE)
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Are moles vicious?

no they are not vicious because they are blind and helpless    no they are not vicious because they are blind and helpless

Are pugs vicious?

All dogs are different, but pugs in general are kinda moody. One minute they will be calm, cool, and collected, and the next they will be trying to rip the cats ear off. Also, (MORE)
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What does vicious means?

vi·cious/ˈviSHəs/ Adjective: Deliberately cruel or violent. (of an animal) Wild and dangerous to people. Synonyms: wicked - malicious - evil - bad - perverse
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What film won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1957?

The Academy Award for Best Picture of 1957 went to The Bridge on  the River Kwai. Producer Sam Spiegel accepted the award.    The Oscar for Best Picture for the 1957 A (MORE)

Are leopards vicious?

Yes, leopards are vicious in the sense that leopards are dangerous to humans; vicious in the sense of mean or evil, no. Leopards viciousness is part of their nature to ensure (MORE)