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What is the conflict in The Wind in the Willows?

A main conflict in The Wind in the Willows is that of man versus society: Mole struggles to fit in with the 'river bankers,' and tries to find a place for his small home in (MORE)

What is the wind in the willows about?

It is essentially an animal cartoon written as a novel. I have read exercepts of it dragged into grammar and high school literature classes. It is unusual in being an animal c (MORE)

Who wrote the wind and the willows?

"The Wind in the Willows", published in 1908, was written by Kenneth Grahame, a young English author and father. His work often employs the use of anthropomorphism, many of hi (MORE)

Bert in wind in the willows?

None of the (vital) animal characters in WITW have proper Christian names. I suppose Mr. Grahame felt the possible assaults of censors as the novel is drawn very realistically (MORE)

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