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What are the lyrics to wind in the willows twenty years?

(Belongs to Out of the ark music) Clerk: Order! Order! Silence! Please be upstanding for his honour, the Chairman of the Bench of Magistrates! (Enter Chairman) CHAIRMAN 1 I'm (MORE)

Who is the hero in Wind in The Willows?

The lead character, not necessarily heroic- was Mr. Toad, who seemed to be the leader of the club.
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What was the name of the hedgehog in the wind and the willows?

  The younger of the two hedgehogs was named Billy. The older one did all the talking and was just referred to as "the hedgehog."
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What life lessons are taught in The Wind in the Willows?

    What a great question. I feel that the most important thing that I got from the book was that your friend is your friend in spite of his faults and it our duty to (MORE)

What is the conflict in The Wind in the Willows?

A main conflict in The Wind in the Willows is that of man versus society: Mole struggles to fit in with the 'river bankers,' and tries to find a place for his small home in (MORE)

Who wrote the wind and the willows?

"The Wind in the Willows", published in 1908, was written by Kenneth Grahame, a young English author and father. His work often employs the use of anthropomorphism, many of hi (MORE)

What is the writing style of Wind in the Willows?

It is essentially an animal cartoon like those of Disney or Warner that is written in novel form. This is Rare ( comic books displaced the need). while animal comics and borde (MORE)

Bert in wind in the willows?

None of the (vital) animal characters in WITW have proper Christian names. I suppose Mr. Grahame felt the possible assaults of censors as the novel is drawn very realistically (MORE)