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What is wrong with communism?

There is nothing 'wrong' with Communism. The thing is that most Westerners get the misconception that Communism is bad. This is because during the Cold War in an effort to get (MORE)

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Why is murder wrong?

Because it is against the law to commit murder, and because it isn't your life to take, only God can take someones life. No one has the right to take it upon themselves to (MORE)

What is a box?

A box is another name for a cube shape, a 3D shape with four  sides. In physical terms, boxes can be used to store items,  specifically cardboard boxes, and there's also a b (MORE)

What can you do with a box?

you can actually do many more things that you can think of like: make a kennel for your teddie (with 3 boxes) make a train make a dool house make a fake tv (with many boxes) m (MORE)

Why is stereotyping wrong?

Stereotyping is the same thing as generalizing. When you stereotype you assume that everyone in a particular group, whether it be categorized by religion, ethnicity, region, (MORE)

79 ford f-150 pick up when you hook up the battrery the starter runs continuelly you replaced the ignition switch the starter the starter relay and the ignition box anyone know whats wrong?

  Try changing your solenoid...! It sounds like it's stuck in the connected position. Try tapping on it with the handle of a screw driver. that sometimes works. Sometimes (MORE)
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What is wrong with me?

A couple nights ago I had several panic attacks, because I thought  there was something looking at me, but nothing was there I was  sweating a lot and crying I was terrified (MORE)