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Can zombies be made?

Yes, in its original context a zombie is a dead person brought back to life. In the voodoo religion a voodoo priest can concoct a potion that contains the toxin of the puffer (MORE)
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What is a zombie made of?

A Zombie eats like, Maybe tons of Brains (people) In one day, Well, Zombies are actually real of course. But i don't want you dreaming about zombies since they are not true so (MORE)

How do you get mutation zombies in zombie farm?

The plants around the zombie (the 3x3 grid centered on your zombie) need to be fully developed and ready to harvest. Do not click on the plants until you have harvested your z (MORE)

Are you a zombie?

Zombies are the enslaved living dead, or those under the influence of voodoo or other supernatural forces. This is close to the definition of supervisors on WikiAnswers, but n (MORE)

What to do if zombies attack?

FOR STARTERS, Identify the type of zombies. Fast or slow, somehow smart or of course, dumb. SAFETY You should cover yourself in the wrapping paper stuff. The ones with t (MORE)

How can zombies move?

Just as you do, but with a little more difficulty due to rigor mortis and rot.
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