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What is the meaning of absurd?

The adjective absurd means ridiculous, senseless, or laughable. It has a negative connotation except in regard to the theatrical use. (see the related question) a. ridiculous (MORE)

What is a sentence for the word absurd?

The color scheme was absurd, mixing pastels and bright primary hues. In 1950, the professor suggested the absurd idea of connecting all of the world's computers to one anoth (MORE)
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Is absurd a noun or verb?

Absurd is neither a noun or verb. It's an adjective. Absurdly is an adverb, and absurdity is a noun.
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What are the characteristic of theater of absurd?

Characteristics of Theatre of the Absurd Listed below are some characteristics of Theatre of the Absurd. Not all plays will include all these elements. You should determi (MORE)

What does absurdity mean?

  Answer   Absurdity: noun, meaning something ridiculously unreasonable. Like a man giving birth to a baby; a dog reading Shakespeare; a house made of jello.

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What is the definition of absurd?

The word "absurd" means senseless, ridiculous, or inane. It is also used for a genre of intellectually comic theater.
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What are the elements of theater of the absurd?

Theater of the Absurd is driven by the basic principle that life in itself is absurd, and therefore has no meaning. This is existentialist in that the belief is that meaning a (MORE)

How do you use the word absurd in a sentence?

Asking people on the Internet how to do your homework seems absurd. Putting artificial grass in the park was an absurd way to save money on mowing. The colour scheme was ab (MORE)