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What does thee mean?

The form "thee" is an archaic pronoun meaning "you". The form "thee" is the objective case (I saw thee) and "thou" is the nominative (thou art brave). The possessives are thy (MORE)

How do you spell thee?

The spelling "thee" is an archaic term for "you" (opposite case is thou, possessives thy and thine).
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What does thee thy and thou mean?

Thee means you and thou means your and thou means you as well. in Genesis 3:10 it says Adam told God I heard thy (your) voice in the garden. In Genesis3:14 it says that God as (MORE)

What is the meaning of thee?

Thee is the dative/accusative (or "objective") case of the obsolete second person singular pronoun thou, which has been replaced, except in certain archaic usages, by the plur (MORE)

What rhymes with thee?

1 syllable: ab, abt, amc, awb, b, b., be, bea, bee, blea, brea, bree, brie, bui, c, c., cac, chea, chee, cie, cod, crea, cree, cyb, d, d., de, dea, Dee, di, e, e., ee, fee, f (MORE)

What is a gun?

A gun is a projectile weapon. It launches one or more projectiles from a tube by means of gas. If the gas is produced by burning the gun is classified a firearm. If the gas is (MORE)

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