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What is theism?

Theism is the belief in God. There are two main types: monotheism, which is the belief in one God, and polytheism, which is the belief is many gods. Christianity, Judaism, and (MORE)
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What is dualistic theism?

Dualistic: consisting of two. Theism:belief in the existence of a God or Gods. Dualistic Theism can therefore be taken to mean the belief in the existence of two Gods; r (MORE)
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When was theism founded?

it is impossible to know who/what/when theism was founded; its one of those unknowable things.   newtest3
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What theism is Buddhism?

None. Buddhists do not believe in a God. It is more of a philosophy than a true religion.Buddhists believe in gods.It is a life any one can achieve through good deeds.
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What is the theism of judaism?

Ethical monotheism: belief in One God, giver of the Torah and its ethics and laws.
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