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What is theism?

Theism is the belief in God. There are two main types: monotheism, which is the belief in one God, and polytheism, which is the belief is many gods. Christianity, Judaism, and (MORE)

What is the difference between theism and deism?

Theism is a belief in a God or gods, who created and now control the universe and usually intercede in human affairs. When used in relationship with deism, it usually refers (MORE)
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What is the type of theism for islam?

Monotheism, because they believe there is no other god but Allah Islam is considered monotheistic. Monotheism believes that there is one God- in the Muslim's case, they believ (MORE)
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What is better theism or atheism?

Theism is a belief in some sort of god, whether it's the current  one in fashion or of some other god. Atheism is not believing in  any type of god period. As far as to whic (MORE)