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What did arsenal pay for theo walcott?

Walcott transferred to Arsenal on 20 January 2006, for a fee of £5 million, rising to £12 million depending on appearances for club and country. The original fee was payable (MORE)

What is En theos?

Literally 'En theos' is the English language equivalent of the Greek words which mean 'in God.'     Furthermore, the word Enthusiasm, arrives from the greek word enthus (MORE)

What car does Theo Walcott have?

theo walcott owns a silver/grey Aston martin. i only know because it showed him pulling up at arsenals training ground in it. also if intrested aaron ramsey owns a white Audi (MORE)

What word start with the prefix theo?

The prefix Theo- comes from the Greek Term Theos meaning god or gods. Here are some examples of words with this prefix.Theology - study of GodTheocracy - A government which wh (MORE)

Does Theo Walcott have any pets?

Theo Walcott is a twenty-five year old footballer as of June 2014  who currently plays for the Arsenal team. He is from England, has  two brothers, but no mention of any pet (MORE)

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