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The relationship of van Gogh and Gauguin?

Vincent knew Gauguin superficially and admired his artwork. When Vincent had moved to Arles he thought this would be an ideal place for a group of artists to work together. (MORE)

How did van Gogh learn how to paint?

In 1864 he was sent to a boarding school in Zevenbergen and began drawing for the first time. He later worked in his uncle's art galleries. Van Gogh was at one time a preacher (MORE)

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Where can you see van goghs sunflowers?

by going to the national gallery of London or van goghs gallery in holland (the one in holland is the biggest) but London has the best version of sunflowers
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What is the meaning of The sower by van gogh?

The audience is drawn into the painting by the glowing disk of the rising sun in citron-yellow, which Van Gogh intended to represent the state of things that come from a super (MORE)

Who is Lieuwe van Gogh?

Theo van Gogh, was murdered in 2004. He was the grandson of Vincent's brother, also named Theo. Lieuwe is the young son of the murdered man.
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Did van gogh carve wood?

The reason I want to know because I have a carved or engraved on wood and the way of engraving looks similar to the way he paints , it is for Mary and Jesus after HE was hange (MORE)