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What did Theodore schwan do?

I believe that Theodore Schwan came up with the theory that all animals are made of cells. His partner, Matthias Schleiden, stated that all plants are made of cells.  Togethe (MORE)

What was Theodore Taylor dog name?

Theodore Taylor a was dog lover. Every dog he ever came across was always greeted with a long, drawn out "Od'e good dog." He of course, had many dogs throughout his lifetime. (MORE)

What is the public opinion on Theodore Roosevelt?

Fairly good. He was considered a progressive president and someone who understood the common man. He was a sportsman, war hero, rancher , held government offices prior to taki (MORE)

What number president was Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th US president. As Vice president, he succeeded William McKinley and served one elected term thereafter. He was president from September 14, 1901 (MORE)

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Who is Theodore Taylor?

Theodore Langhans Taylor was born June 23, 1921 in Statesville, NC, to the parents Edward Riley and Elnora Taylor. He was one of six children in his house hold, however, none (MORE)
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Who was Theodor Boveri?

  German zoologist (1862-1915) Boveri was born in Bamberg, Germany, and graduated in medicine from Munich in 1885. He remained at Munich to do cytological research until (MORE)

Is Theodore Roosevelt on the dime?

No, that is Franklin Roosevelt. Other presidents depicted on coins  are   Lincoln - Penny from 1909   Washington - 25 cent piece, from 1932   Jefferson - five cen (MORE)

Who was the US President after Theodore Roosevelt?

William Howard Taft was the US President after Theodore Roosevelt. William Howard Taft was the 27th President of the United States from 1909 March 4 to 1913 March 4.
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What is greatness?

Greatness is the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent. Greatness comes with the ability to love oneself and others, to forgive, and to live one's life with pride (MORE)