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What is theology?

The study of God. The word "theology" comes from the Greek words theos, which means "God," and logos, which means "word." So, in the simplest sense, theology is the study of G (MORE)

Why study theology?

Theology is the study of religion. A religion is to decide the physical as well as mental actions of a person. A religion is often combined by the existence of God(there are a (MORE)

What is the origin of theology?

  This question varies, depending on which religion you are refering to.   Christianity Answer: Theology can be broken up into "theos" and "logic". "Theos" means God. (MORE)

What is moral theology?

  Answer   I'm dreadfully sorry if this answer is way off but I think it is to do with evil and types of evil. Natural evil, like earthquakes are not preventable but (MORE)

What is critical theology?

  Critical theology is the study of religion and God from an analytical and often comparative point of view. Critical Theologians actively relate faith traditions and prac (MORE)

What is the significance of theology?

all religions ( doctrines ) of the world tie into dealing with different spiritual elements and levels in when dealing with the different spiritual levels. when faced with es (MORE)

What is revealed theology?

This can come by the scriptures that are already in our possession, or through revelation from God. When one reads the scriptures that person may have the truth of them reveal (MORE)

What is Christian Theology?

Answer   In general, theology is the study of a religion, particularly the study of the attributes of a god or gods. Christian Theology is the study of the Christian fait (MORE)

What is a theology degree?

Theology is the study of God and his revelation to humanity. This involves studying not just scripture, but also the thoughts and works of those who have writtenn about God ov (MORE)

What is theology and what is for?

Theology is the study of God, His nature and attributes, and His relations with man and the universe. Christians believe the universe was created by God. Christians believe th (MORE)