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What is the difference between a theophany and an epiphany?

A Theophany is a mystical event in which earthly objects interact with heavenly events. for example, the star the Wise Men followed to find Jesus was a Theophany and the water ( Full Answer )
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What is theophany?

Christian scholars understand theophany as an unambiguous manifestation of God, to man, where "unambiguous" indicates that the seer or seers are of no doubt that it is God re ( Full Answer )
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Could you use theophany in a sentence?

A theophany is a manifestation of GOD or more literally a "GOD appearance" as coming from Greek. In a sentence it could be employed thusly: Abraham experienced a theophany in ( Full Answer )
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How are theophanies portrayed in the book of Genesis?

A: The book of Genesis is believed to have been put together from the works of three main sources, who wrote in different times and places. The Yahwist (J) source wrote o ( Full Answer )