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What is Pythagoras' theorem?

Pythagoras' Theorem is a statement proving that in a right angledtriangle the square of the longest side (the hypotenuse) equals thesum of the squares on the other two sides. ( Full Answer )
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What is a theorem?

A theorem is a math term used to describe an idea that can be proved. A mathematical statement which has been proved true It is a statement or proposition which can be derived ( Full Answer )
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What is Chebyshev's theorem?

Ok so basically the chebyshev's theorem states that 75% of your data will lie within 2 standard deviations of the mean and that 89% of your data will lie within 3 standard dev ( Full Answer )
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What is the Malthus Theorem?

Malthusian theorem is a population projection that suggests the population will exceed the available food supply because populations grow at geometric rates, while food suppli ( Full Answer )
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What is use of the theorem?

theorems can be used in order to solve the problems fast otherwise we would have to find the reasons behind the theorem to solve a problem
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What is the complement theorem?

If the noncommon sides of two adjacent angles form a right angle, then the angles are complementary angles.
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What are malkiel's theorems?

Malkiel's theorems summarize the relationship between bond prices, yields, coupons, and maturity. Malkiel's Theorems paraphrased (see text for exact wording); all theorems are ( Full Answer )
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What is the pythagoorean theorem?

That a right angle triangle's base when squared plus its height when squared is equal to its hypotenuse when squared:-a 2 +b 2 = c 2
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What is Malthus Theorem?

Malthus's theory of population argued that population grows at a geometric rate while food output grows at an arithmetic rate and that food scarcity was, therefore, inevitable ( Full Answer )