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What is theoretical chemistry?

Theoretical Chemistry is the same as Theoretical Physics. It's basically is a branch f Chemistry that hasn't been proven. It attempts to explain certain chemical behavior as r (MORE)
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What is theoretical research?

Theoretical research is research that happens only in theory as opposed to in practice, i.e. you pretend that it's happening to examine or justify the consequences.
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What is theoretical acceleration?

To find the theoretical acceleration, you must use the following formula: Acceleration Theory = Applied Net Force / Total Mass Applied Net force (F): F=Ma
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What are theoretical papers?

Theoretical articles use existing research to advance theory. The development of theory is traced in order to expand and refine theoretical constructs.
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What is theoretical assertion?

I am guessing that a theoretical assertion is made when one states something that is not fact as if it were fact.

What is theoretical and experimental?

Theoretical refers to a proposition derived on the basis of the laws of science whereas experimental refers to those derived from experiments or trials. Theoretical refers to (MORE)

What is theoretical probability and theoretical probability?

They are the same. They are probabilities that are calculated from some theoretical model of the experiment using scientific laws. They are the same. They are probabilities t (MORE)