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What is literary theory?

Literary theory in a strict sense is the systematic study of the nature of literature and of the methods for analyzing literature.[1] However, literary scholarship since the 1 (MORE)

Are there theories of intelligence?

Yes Spearman claimed intelligence is a general factor (g factor) that affects all aspects of ability. yet Thurstone believed that intelligence was actually many, actually 7 d (MORE)

What is the clockmaker theory or the watchmaker theory?

the watchmaker theory is a strong part of the enlightenment era in 18th century europe. enlightenment philosophes (not philospheRs) believed that the creation of human beings (MORE)
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What makes a theory scientific theory?

Its ability to be tested repeatably against the evidence, knowledge  and techniques currently available, and give consistent results. It  is still open to change or rejectio (MORE)
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What theories are supported by string theory?

The theory of extra dimensions, infinite universes, the theory where the Big Bang occurred when a membrane of a different dimension crashed into our membrane, gravitons, the t (MORE)
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What does quantum theory have to do with the atomic theory?

Quantum theory is much more general than atomic theory. Atomic theory was developed to explain the characteristics of chemical reactions and describes atoms as discrete, indiv (MORE)

Why is the theory of evolution considered a theory?

It is considered a theory because it is substantiated by evidence. In the scientific sense, a theory is a proposition that is supported by evidence, either direct or indirect. (MORE)

What was Darwin's' theory?

Charles Darwin basically stated the following on his theory of evolution: Inherited variation exists within the genes of every population or species (the result of random mut (MORE)

What is theory?

A theory is a supposition or explanation based on observed data. It may or may not be true. A famous theory that the Earth was round, not flat, was proven only when ships sail (MORE)

Libertarian theory- theory of press?

This theory takes the philosophical view that man is rational and able to discern between truth and falsehood and, therefore, can choose between a better and worse alternative (MORE)