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What is therapeutic massage?

All massage that is performed by a trained and licensed massage therapist is therapeutic. The common element in all massage is that it should feel good. This, in itself, is th (MORE)

What is therapeutic riding?

The term is used to describe different programs, but most would agree that, at a minimum, Therapeutic riding is an adapted riding lesson for persons with disabilities. Thera (MORE)
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What is Therapeutic Sport?

Any sport can be therapeutic as long as it promotes a healthy  outlook and takes away from the pain that an individual may be  having mentally, physically or emotionally.

What is therapeutic swimming?

There are tons of different kinds of therapeutic swimming. First of all, the definition. Therapeutic swimming is swimming used for therapeutic purposes. Such as stretching or (MORE)

How are horses therapeutic?

Horses are amazing. When you ride you kind of forget all your worries its so magical. Just being around a horse is therapeutic as you can tell it everything, as if it was your (MORE)

Can hypnosis be therapeutic?

    Hypnosis is not in itself a treatment for anything; rather it is a means of producing a very relaxed, focused, and hyperattentive, state of mind. This can be helpf (MORE)

What animal is therapeutic?

Dogs are theraputic because they lower the blood pressure of humans while they are petting them. When dogs are around autistic children learn more about social interaction and (MORE)
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What is therapeutic diet?

therapeutic diet it just like another one. you can't loss you weight like you wanna if just therapeutic. therapeutic diet just see you blood,control you bad habits,what yo (MORE)