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What is therapeutic procedure?

A therapeutic procedure is any type of treatment used to treat an  illness or disease. Treating someone for sinus infection or the flu  is considered a therapeutic procedure (MORE)
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What are therapeutic proteins?

There are many proteins essential to good health that some people cannot produce because of genetic defects. These proteins include various blood-clotting factors causing hemo (MORE)
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What is therapeutic dose?

  Answer   The dose of a drug needed to produce a desired result.
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Is confession therapeutic?

It is always "therapeutic" to an individual when you can admit to, take responsibility for and address any issues you may have - it takes a great weight from you as well as sh (MORE)
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What is Therapeutic Sport?

Any sport can be therapeutic as long as it promotes a healthy  outlook and takes away from the pain that an individual may be  having mentally, physically or emotionally.
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What is therapeutic body brushing?

Therapeutic body brushing is often used on children (not infants) who overreact to tactile stimulation. A specific non-scratching surgical brush is used to make firm, brisk mo (MORE)