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What is the gospel of the grace of god?

The bible says by grace alone are we saved, and not by our deeds of strength.       ANSWER     There is only one gospel and it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (MORE)

What does it mean when god give you grace?

It means you were blessed with an experience that lets you know for certain that God exists and that everything that happens to you is part of a bigger plan, so you can relax, (MORE)

What does 'manifold grace of God' mean?

The Greek word translated "manifold" (poikilos) means "of various colors or sorts." Thus, "manifold grace of God" (a phrase which appears only in 1 Peter 4:10) means that His (MORE)

What is the origin of the saying 'There for the grace of god go thee'?

Maybe you are remembering it a bit incorrectly? I am familiar with something that sounds similar - "There, but by the grace of God, go I" or "There, but by the grace of God, g (MORE)

Who coined the phrase There but for the grace of God go I?

While this phrase is commonly attributed to John Bradford (circa 1510-1555), all of the sources that claim Bradford as the originator themselves ultimately derive from The Ox (MORE)

How do you experience gods grace in your life?

If you are a Christian then you have already experienced God's grace because it is by God's grace we are saved. The Bible tells us that the blessings of God come through obed (MORE)

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