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Why did Roy Orbison wear a cross?

It is an iron cross, a traditional NOT NAZI German military decoration. He lost his original one so his wife got him the one we most often see him with. No one really knows wh (MORE)

Did roy orbison smoke?

Yes Roy smoked and continued to do so even after his Triple Heart Bypass in 1978.
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Who was Roy Orbison?

Roy Kelton Orbison (April 23, 1936 - December 6,  1988) was an American singer and songwriter world-renowned for his  deeply-moving emotional ballads delivered by a powerful (MORE)

Where did Roy Orbison die?

I Assume That Roy Orbison Died In Memphis, Tennessee.   Roy Orbison died near Hendersonville, Tennessee while visiting his mother.
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Who sang Crying after Roy Orbison?

There were also versions of Crying done by Jay and the Americans  and Don Mclean.
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