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Is it illegal to pull fire alarm without suspected fire?

Yes, it is illegal to "pull an alarm" unless there is a fire or other emergency. In many places it is a simple misdemeanor, for which you could get up to one year in state pri (MORE)

What are the for chords for smoke from a distant fire?

(verses) A Bm A Bm You left me here on your way to paradise A Bm A Bm You pulled the rug right out from under my life A Bm A Bm I know where you goin' to I knew when you cam (MORE)
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Can fire be produced without air?

Fire can be produced without "air" as air is a mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide and mostly nitrogen. Fire needs only Oxygen to burn, so if you remove this is will extinguish (MORE)

Can you quit smoking without gaining weight?

  Yes yes and yes again. Weight gain is only evident if the cigarette is substituted with something like sweets. If you are thinking of giving up smoking and have a few qu (MORE)

Is it illegal to have a smoking hotel room without a battery in the fire alarm?

Normally in a hotel you would not have battery operated smoke alarms. You would have a mains powered fire alarm system connected and networked throughout the hotel building. I (MORE)
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Can you light a fire without oxygen?

In most commonly encountered situations you can't light a fire  without oxygen. There are some substances (such as metallic sodium)  which will burn underwater, but since th (MORE)

Can smoke exist without fire?

Yes it can. A smoke is tiny particles of solid suspended in the  air, and there are many ways to produce one.
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