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Why are demons in smoke and fire?

Demons are in smoke and fire when there is evil presence around the  fire or smoke the best way to ward off the evil demons is to have  Christians, bibles, and/or scripture (MORE)
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Is it bad to inhale smoke from a fire?

Yes Inhaling the combustion products (smoke) from any fire can do harm. Some burning materials create toxins that can kill you and almost all fires create Carbon Monoxide whic (MORE)
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Is smoke from a fire matter?

Yes, smoke is the collection of gasses and particles which escape from a material when it undergoes combustion. No fire is a type of liquid and can be found in the deep cavern (MORE)

Is it illegal to have a smoking hotel room without a battery in the fire alarm?

Normally in a hotel you would not have battery operated smoke alarms. You would have a mains powered fire alarm system connected and networked throughout the hotel building. I (MORE)

Can you get fired from smoking?

Smoking marijuana - yes unless it is legal in your country which  is unlikey  Tobacco - no, however if you smoke on company grounds or  in company uniform they have a right (MORE)

Can smoke exist without fire?

Yes it can. A smoke is tiny particles of solid suspended in the  air, and there are many ways to produce one.
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