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What is a theremin?

A theremin is a synthesizer instrument used to create very pitchynotes. There is two antennae on the sides of the instrument, one isused to control the volume, the other is us (MORE)
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Do you need an amp to play a theremin?

An amplifier and speaker is recommended for most theremins, however, some theremins may provide enough audio output power to directly drive headphones or a speaker. Some comme (MORE)
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How does the theremin work?

The theremin works by making the player's hands part of electroniccircuits. As the hands change distance with respect to thetheremin's antennas, the resulting changes in elect (MORE)
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Who played the theremin in Good Vibrations?

None of the Beach Boys played the theremin in Good Vibrations.There was no actual theremin used in "Good Vibrations." Instead,the song featured an electronic instrument that i (MORE)
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What problems did leon theremin the inventor overcome?

well, he was kidnapped from america, taken back to his home, Russia, and was imprisoned for no known reason for many years. then, after being in prison, he was purposfully hid (MORE)
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Did the Beach Boys use the theremin?

The instrument used on The Beach Boys on such recordings as "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times", "Good Vibrations", and Wild Honey", was custom-made by trombonist Paul Tanner (MORE)
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What is another word for theremin?

A theramin is a theramin. There is another electronic instrument that is essentially a theramin with a keyboard attached called an ondes-martinot, but the two terms aren't rea (MORE)
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How old is Leon Theremin?

Leon Theremin was born on August 15, 1896 and died on November 3, 1993. Leon Theremin would have been 97 years old at the time of death or 118 years old today.
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What has the author Franz Theremin written?

Franz Theremin has written: 'Die Beredsamkeit eine Tugend, oder Grundlinien einer systematischen Rhetorik' 'Demosthenes und Massillon: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Bered (MORE)