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What is an amorphous thermoplastic?

  Amorphous = without form; without its own form; can apply to any substance that can be easily molded into various shapes. Thermoplastic = synthetic substance that can (MORE)

Is styrofoam a thermoplastic?

Thermoplastic is a term that refers to a substance turning intoplastic when exposed to extreme temperatures. This would makeStyrofoam thermoplastic.

Is PVA thermoplastic?

  Strictly speaking, yes, PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) is thermoplastic. It is in its natural state however exceedingly difficult to process via conventional means (say, inject (MORE)

Is nylon a thermoplastic?

    Yes, nylon is a thermoplastic. The FTC defines nylon as "a synthetic long-chain thermoplastic polyamide fiber..."
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What are thermoplastics used for?

  Chairs, boxes, sterilizeable equipment, bottles, helmlets, gasoline deposits, gloves, lenses, "lego", lights and other ilumination accessories, automobile interiors, tex (MORE)

Properties of thermoplastic?

The properties of thermoplastic material are widely varied.  However, they have many uses including insulators, either thermal  or electrical and are generally quite light i (MORE)
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What types of thermoplastic are there?

A Thermoplastic, also known as a thermosoftening plastic, is a polymer that becomes pliable or moldable above a specific temperature, and returns to a solid state upon cooling (MORE)