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What are Elastomer plastic?

Elastomers are flexible long - chain polymers which are capable of cross-linking. Cross- linking chemically bonds polymer chains which can prevent reversion to a non-cross-lin (MORE)

What is an elastomer?

  Web definitions for ELASTOMER   A material which at room temperature can be stretched repeatedly to at least twice its original length and, upon immediate release o (MORE)

Is PVA thermoplastic?

  Strictly speaking, yes, PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) is thermoplastic. It is in its natural state however exceedingly difficult to process via conventional means (say, inject (MORE)

What are thermoplastics used for?

  Chairs, boxes, sterilizeable equipment, bottles, helmlets, gasoline deposits, gloves, lenses, "lego", lights and other ilumination accessories, automobile interiors, tex (MORE)

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