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Who was Theseus?

Theseus was an Athenian hero, the son of the king Aegeus and Aethra. He is famous for defeating the Minotaur. In Crete, the princess Ariadne had given him a ball of string to (MORE)

Where did Theseus come from?

Answer . Theseus son of Aegeus King of Athens and Aethra daughter of Pittheus King of Troezen was born and raised in Troezen. When he reached his adult age he traveled to Ath (MORE)

What is the story of Theseus?

Theseus is the god that defeated the menotore, and faked loving Ariadne, and left her on an island, then he sailed back to his father, but his father thought he was dead becau (MORE)

What did Theseus do?

Theseus was born and, after many years, found out that his father was King Aegeus of Crete. He told his father he would like to be a sacrifice to the mighty beast, which was h (MORE)

How was theseus brave?

Theseus was brave because when Aegus told him not to go overland to deliver the sandals and sword because there were many robbers he still went overland and he was brave to do (MORE)