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What is thiamine?

Thiamine (a.k.a Vitamin B1) is a water soluble vitamin responsible for helping blood building, circulation, digestion and growth. It is found in meat, fish, nuts, pork etc. ( Full Answer )
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What is Thiamin Mononitrate?

thiamine mononitrate « Choice America Network This website explains what thiamine mononitrate is made from although it does not offer any sources. It apparently is made fro ( Full Answer )
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What does thiamine do for the body?

Thiamine helps the body convert blood sugars into glucose and also helps the body in breaking down carbohydrates, fat and protein .
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Thiamine what is its function?

Thiamine is needed for energy Metabolism, and proper function of the nervous system.. -Jeremy G.
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What is the difference between Thiamin and Thiamine?

There is absolutely no difference. But difference exists between Thiamin and Thymine. Thiamine or thiamin , sometimes called aneurin, is a water-soluble vitamin of th ( Full Answer )
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Thiamin is involved in?

Thiamin vitamin b1 helps boost circulation and people never seem to get enough through food have been taking a supplement for many years !
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Does thiamine stop mosquitoes?

Upon arrival in the Philippines, my wife and I each began taking a one 100mg tablet per day. We were visiting her family of six and for 3 weeks we were exempt from any bites, ( Full Answer )
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Is thiamin bad for you?

yes, to much of it can be if u have to much but to much of any thing can be bad for you... but if u have the right amount. it should just be fine
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What is Thiamine made of?

Thiamine or thiamin or vitamin B 1 is a water-soluble vitamin of the B complex. All living organisms use thiamine in their biochemistry, but it is only synthesized in ba ( Full Answer )
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What benefits do you get from thiamine?

Most of your cells depend on sugar as an energy source, and they use aerobic energy production, which uses oxygen to help convert sugar into usable energy. Thiamine helps you ( Full Answer )