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What is the chemical formula for Thiamine?

  Thiamine also know as vitamin B..   the IUPAC name is -[3-[(4-amino-2-methyl- pyrimidin-5-yl)   and the chemical formula is C12H17N4OS.
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What is thiamine deficiency symptoms?

Symptoms of Thiamine deficiency are polyneuropathy, edema, and cardiac failure.   Often humans can be difficient in Thiamine as it is destroyed by Sulphur Dioxide ingested (MORE)

Is thiamin mononitrate MSG?

Thiamine mononitrate is not the same as MSG, but is a nitrate salt  of thiamine (vitamin B1). MSG is the abbreviation for Monosodium  glutamate.
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What is the difference between Thiamin and Thiamine?

There is absolutely no difference. But difference exists between Thiamin and Thymine.   Thiamine or thiamin, sometimes called aneurin, is a water-soluble vitamin of the B (MORE)

What is thiamine?

Thiamine (a.k.a Vitamin B1) is a water soluble vitamin responsible for helping blood building, circulation, digestion and growth. It is found in meat, fish, nuts, pork etc. (MORE)
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What are the best sources of thiamin?

The best sources of thiamin are Tuna15837.9%Sunflower Seeds20434.6% Navy Beans25528.6% Black Beans22728% Dried Peas23124.6% Green Peas11624% Pinto Beans24522% Lentils23022% Li (MORE)