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What thickens hair?

To thicken hair, you can take Biotin daily. Biotin helps tostrengthen hair. Biotin also contributes to hair growth which canhelp give the hair a more fuller appearance.

How do you thicken sperm?

The consistency of ejaculate can vary quite a bit with hydration (how much water you drink) level and there is certainly a genetic component. The secondary question is why? Th (MORE)
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How can you thicken custard?

And some cornflour! it really works or you can cook it for longer and keep stirring it then it should suddenly thicken up like cream does when its stirred fro a few minutes! (MORE)

How can you Thicken your fingernails?

You can improve your calcium. If you have short thick white line on your fingernails, then you have a lack of calcium. You can drink more milk or if you are lactose intolerant (MORE)

How can you thicken gravy?

You can thicken gravy by pouring a little cold water in a cup and adding a little flour or cornstarch. Whisk it until all the lumps are out and then add it to the gravy. Let i (MORE)
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How do you thicken a chowder?

Take a tbs flour and add cold water till it turns into a thick paste, add to chowder and stir well. Can repeat till you get the thickness you desire.
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How can you thicken your legs?

Try lots of running and leg muscle exercises. Squats are a goodstarting point. Your muscle should bulk up, giving you a thickerbutt. It will be toned instead of flabby.
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What is thickening in cooking?

A thickening is a substance used to thicken foods such as sauces, gravies soups and stews. This can be a roux made of oil and flour, cornstarch, etc. Instant potato flakes can (MORE)