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What thickens a strawberry milkshake?

The ice cream in it. In all milkshakes the less milk and the more ice cream they contain, the thicker they are. Commercial milkshakes like at MickeyDs add corn starch. It's s (MORE)

What vitamins help hair thickening?

There is this supplement with saw palmetto stinging nettle,phytosterol, paba, msm etc. which has helped me immensly in stopping my hair loss and now I can also see new growths (MORE)

How can you thicken your blood?

Vitamin K thickens blood. You can find high amount of vitamin K in deep green leafy foods, and some fruits, like avocado and kiwi. Foods rich in vitamin K are usually very fat (MORE)

When does your uterus start to thicken?

Your uterus starts to thicken once the egg is released from your ovary. The uterus begins to prepare for implantation. If pregnancy does not occur, then the lining of the uter (MORE)

What is thickening of the esophagus?

In dogs, this is called "mega-esophagus," a condition in which the  muscles of the esophagus are unusually thick and inflexible, so  that the animal has trouble swallowing i (MORE)

How do you thicken stew?

The simplest way is to add a starch. Rice is a good option. Corn starch works too. Best option is a roux. Heat some fat and add flower. The fat can be butter or fat from meat (MORE)
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How do you thicken broth?

What I do to thicken liquids like broth is dissolve about 1-2 teaspoons in a bit of water to make a relatively thin paste and incorporate it into the broth. If it is not enoug (MORE)