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How can you thicken your blood?

Vitamin K thickens blood. You can find high amount of vitamin K in deep green leafy foods, and some fruits, like avocado and kiwi. Foods rich in vitamin K are usually very fat (MORE)

How do you thicken stew?

The simplest way is to add a starch. Rice is a good option. Corn starch works too. Best option is a roux. Heat some fat and add flower. The fat can be butter or fat from meat (MORE)

How do you thicken a curry?

If you add a tablespoon or two of corn starch to the curry depending on how much curry you are making. Don't put too much that it gets sticky though.
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How do you thicken your semen?

  Semen builds up over several days, so if you have one ejaculation a week, the semen will be fairly thick. If you ejaculate every day, or more often, the semen seems thin (MORE)

What can you thicken with cornstarch?

most things that need thickening - soup, gravy, sauces (sweet n sour or stir fry) etc It works better if you mix it with a small amount of water
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How do you thicken icing?

You add powdered sugar. To make a pefect batch of icing is a stick of butter and ass icing until it is nice and foamy. To make chocolate just add coco powder to the recipe
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How do you thicken broth?

What I do to thicken liquids like broth is dissolve about 1-2 teaspoons in a bit of water to make a relatively thin paste and incorporate it into the broth. If it is not enoug (MORE)