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What does thine mean?

In the quotation 'To thine own self be true' thine is used for the word 'your'. It says 'Be true to yourself'.
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What does Thine alabaster cities gleam?

It is from the fourth verse of "America, the Beautiful" Music by Samuel Ward, 1882 Words by Katharine Lee Bates, 1895 O beautiful for patriot dream That sees beyond ( Full Answer )
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Your penis is so thine is it normal?

No, this is a rare case of pencildickitis. You will die before you turn 30. Just kidding. No but really you will kill yourself because you won't be able to get women off.
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How do you get thining hair to grow thicker?

A good way in thickening up hair is cutting it short into a bob. It thickens it up. Also having regular trims thickens it up and gets rid of whispy, thin ends.
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Not my will but thine be done prayed jesus?

Yes, Jesus prayed this in the garden of Gethsemane before his arrest and trial. Luk 22:42 "Father," he said, "if you will, take this cup of suffering away from me. Not my w ( Full Answer )
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What does to thine own self be true?

ACTUALLY...... the bible don'ts say that. Anywhere. At all. That would be a quote from Shakespear. (or however you spell it). THE BIBLE says to be true to YHVH (G-D) and to b ( Full Answer )
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What is thining of ozone layer?

The thinning of ozone layer is the falling of concentration ofozone concentration in the ozone layer below a certainconcentration. It is termed as ozone depletion.
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What is thining?

thining is a word to describe that you losing something like hair like ive been thining my hair
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How many times are thine in the bible?

The word ' thine ' is found 933 times in the King JamesVersion (KJV) from Genesis to Revelations. 'Thine' is old englishand typically translated as 'your' in newer translation ( Full Answer )
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What is in iodin that makes thines blue?

Its the electrons! Iodine forms a "charge transfer" complex with starch which is ythebest known of its charge transfer complexes. It also forms charge transfer compexes with o ( Full Answer )