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What exactly is the IBM ThinkCentre?

The IBM ThinkCentre is all the computers in the Levono line of computers. These desktops were invented in 2003 by IBM and now in present day by the company Lenovo.
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Where can one buy a Lenovo ThinkCentre online?

You can buy a Lenovo ThinkCentre online at the Lenovo website. You can choose between the Edge Series, The M Series:Tiny, The M Series: Towers or the M Series: All in Ones. Al (MORE)
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What is the average price for a Thinkcentre?

The Thinkcenter PC produced by Lenovo is small in size with a space saving design. Its price varies from $388 to $1062 depending on its specifications such as memory and hard (MORE)
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Where can one buy a replacement Thinkcentre M52?

One can purchase a replacement Thincentre M52 from several different places. Some of the places that one can buy a replacement Thinkcentre M52 are: eBay, and Amazon.