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What do you think of teamwork?

Teamwork is extremely important. Being able to work closely with someone and finish a goal and be proud of it shows that people are not always self centered.
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What do you think about Turkey?

In Turkey the best places are in Istanbul which everybody almost knows about. It is a very pretty place. Lots of restaurant, nightlife, cafes, big hotels, and more. I cant exp (MORE)
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What is thinking?

To think is to analyze, examine and sort out information and form in the mind ideas or opinions, to perform any mental operation, to reason, to bring to mind or recollect, to (MORE)

How do you think?

No one knows the answer to that question yet. It is a very complex and demanding process to study. But what is known is there are different areas in the brain that work simult (MORE)
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What do you think about Japan?

I think Japan is an awesome place because it's the game, computer and comic book capital of the world but there are also a lot of girls in mini skirts! Japan is a beautiful is (MORE)
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What do you think of when you think of Germany?

I think of the flag, the Nazis, pretzel, cars! This is what I think when someone says it to me. If I thought about it more in depth, I would think of the Berlin Wall, festival (MORE)

What do you think of Buddhism?

Every single person has their own opinion about certain things. Buddhism is a beautiful religion based on harmony,happiness,karma and dharma. Read about it yourself to fin (MORE)
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What does it mean to think about what you are thinking?

The term for it is 'Meta-thought', or (the older term) 'self-reflection'. It is a profound, emergent property occurring [apparently] only in humans. As far as we know, no othe (MORE)
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Which is correct thinking of you or thinking about you?

Either is correct. "Thinking of you" is the more common phrase you  would see on a greeting card to let someone know that he or she was  in your thoughts. It is a bit more p (MORE)