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How do you replace your ram in your IBM thinkpad?

Different models have different memory locations. Some are in a compartment on the bottom of the ThinkPad's chassis. Some require you to remove the ThinkPad keyboard, and th ( Full Answer )
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Can you upgrade processor thinkpad x100e?

Technically YES because it use the same socket but it will use more power and dissipate lot of heat, and finally draining your battery a lot
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How do you make copyright symbol on thinkpad?

Press and hold the key & the press 0-1-6-9 on the numerical keypad. Most word processing programs will also autocorrect (c) to the copyright symbol.
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What is a Lenovo thinkpad?

The ThinkPad is a brand of laptop computer manufactured bu the Lenovo company. There is also a new lenovo tablet in the works also to be branded as a ThinkPad.
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How much is a thinkpad t60 worth?

"A ThinkPad t60 can range from about $200 used to about $1700 brand new. As newer technology comes along that is better, it will decrease in both value and price."
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Does Maplestory work on thinkpad edge?

MapleStory will run on any computers with Windows Xp, Vista and 7. If it doesnt run on Windows 7, try right clicking GameLauncher and changing properties so that it is Run As ( Full Answer )
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What does the Lenovo ThinkPad do?

The Lenovo ThinkPad is simply a brand of laptop computer so it can perform all the normal laptop functions. There are several different versions with special features, such a ( Full Answer )
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How much does the Thinkpad T23 cost?

The Thinkpad T23 is very outdated and hard to find in stores. There is one online store selling them for over $2,000, while ebay has several listings all under $100.