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What is a football dynasty?

To be a dynasty you have to dominate the sport for multiple seasons. The Patriots became a Dynasty after winning 3 Super Bowls in four years. The Bills could be considered a D (MORE)

What are the dynasties of China?

  Xia Dynasty (夏朝) Shang Dynasty (商朝) Zhou Dynasty (周朝) Qin Dynasty (秦朝) Early Han Dynasty(西汉) Xin Dynasty (新政权) Later Han Dynasty( (MORE)

What is duck dynasty?

Only the best show to come from A&E, the most popular non-scripted TV show today and the only good redneck show around these parts.  The show follows the Robertson clan, a fa (MORE)

Is Urs Married from IL Divo?

Q IL DIVO, URS BUHLER MARRIED? A ..not sure, don't know.. Urs is a partner to Tania Rodney with whom he has a child. I believe they own a home in London and in his native (MORE)

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What words end with suffix - ure?

 abjure  adventure  allure  architecture  acupuncture  adventure  aperture  armature  assure  brochure  capture  caricature  censure  cincture  creature  clos (MORE)

Does dynasty have to be capitalized?

If it's part of the title it does. Like Han Dynasty has to be capitalized but if I were to say that 500-year dynasty in China, it would not.
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Urs buhler and tanya Rodney?

I read an interview with Urs about the current tour and he spoke lovingly about Tania and Billie. They are not married so perhaps they have an open marriage which allows him t (MORE)

Who was the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty?

"Zhu Di" (朱棣) is the third Ming emperor's given name, "Yong Le" (永樂) was the era name (the name he used when ruling) and "Emperor Qitian Hongdao Gaoming Zhaoyun Shengw (MORE)

What was the Shang Dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty was the first in which the Emperor of China  started recording Chinese history in markings which evolved into  the current Chinese characters. It included (MORE)