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What causes thirst?

Well...   Basically, the lack of liquids in your body system.   Actually....   A rise in plasma osmolality triggers thirst which in turn excites the hypothalamic t (MORE)

Will there be a new thirst by christopher pike?

Well right now, Thirst 4 just came out on August 9. If you can't find Thirst, The Last Vampire is the same series but individualized stories instead of three part combined boo (MORE)

What does it mean when Jesus says you Thirst?

Thirst in a physical sense, tells us when our body needs water. It's a good reminder and it can save our lives. Thirst is often mentioned in the Bible in a SPIRITUAL sense. (MORE)
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Why throat thirst and thirst?

If you are unwell you should go and seek the help of a qualified  medical practitioner (a Doctor).
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