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What causes thirst?

Well... . Basically, the lack of liquids in your body system.. Actually..... A rise in plasma osmolality triggers thirst which in turn excites the hypothalamic thirst cen (MORE)
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What happens at the end of Thirst No 1?

Sita uses her powers to incite a riot at the base and gets out of her cell, but not before reluctantly killing many of the soldiers there. Sita captures General Havor, the bas (MORE)

What does it means when Jesus says you thirst?

He means that you thirst in your spirit for righteousness, or if you are referring to the story of where he spoke to the woman near the well, he meant it both physically and s (MORE)
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Why throat thirst and thirst?

If you are unwell you should go and seek the help of a qualifiedmedical practitioner (a Doctor).