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Do fish get thirsty?

Some fish do, but not exactly like humans. Bony saltwater fish lose water by osmosis. To replenish the lost water, the fish need to drink.
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Why do people get thirsty?

People get thirsty when the body requires water in accomplishing a  reaction in the body and the available water is consumed.
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Why do you feel thirsty?

People may feel thirsty due to dehydration from vomiting, diarrhea  or burns. A way to eliminate dehydration is to replenish with  liquids such as water or juice.

Why do diabetics get thirsty?

In the case of a Type 2 Diabetes (Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus - NIDDM) or Prediabetes (Impaired Glucose Tolerance - IGT), the pancreas produces little insulin or t (MORE)
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Why do humans get thirsty?

If A Human Being Has Absolutley Nothing To Drink In Five To Six Days,He Will Die.  The Reason For This Thirst Is Caused By A Change In A Salt Content In Our Blood. There Is A (MORE)

Why do you get thirsty when you exercise?

When you sweat during exercise you lose a lot of water. You body also uses a lot of water to transport nutrients and oxygen through the blood to muscle etc. And then more to r (MORE)

What is always drinking but never thirsty?

a towel? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A towel could be correct, but I've heard a riddle that makes more sense. It is from The Lord of the Rings. The fu (MORE)