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Why did thirteen from House go to prison?

Thirteen went to prison for giving her disease riddled brother drugs to die. He wanted to die but was too sick to administer them himself. She did it with gloves and left no t (MORE)

Can a thirteen year old tutor?

yes. its okay for a 13 year old to be a tutor but make sure you have your parents permission before you begin your hard work. advice - its easier to tutor primary or nurse (MORE)

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The symbol of the number thirteen in the bible?

  The number thirteen in John chapter thirteen talks of a rebellious people, Corinthians chapter thirteen talks of people of peace and forgiveness. Every book has it's cha (MORE)
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How old is a thirteen year old?

A thirteen year old is 13 years old. Unless they are from China (or another country which uses adjusted age). In the United States (and more than likely most of Europe, Can (MORE)

What is the rising action of thirteen reasons why?

While Clay gets the tapes he listens to them and wonders whos  coming up next and why did he get the tapes?     Clay receives a package through the mail and discove (MORE)