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What rhymes with thirty?

dirty, shirty, flirty     and for yanks:   birdie, birdy, ciardi, ferdie, mirti, murdy, nerdy, purdie, purdy, sturdy, verde, verdes, wordy, cape verde, mccurdy, dou (MORE)
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What was the dirty thirties?

the dirty-thirties refers to the fourth decade in the 20th century. aka the 1930's or the great depression
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Is thirty an adverb?

No, thirty is a number. It can be a noun, or more usually an adjective.
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Is thirty a preposition?

No, it is not a preposition. Thirty is a number, used as an  adjective, noun, and pronoun.
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Who were the Thirty Tyrants?

Pro-Spartan rulers in Athens after the loss of the Peloponnesian  War in 404 BC.
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