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How can you fix your life at thirty?

Good luck with that! It is not possible to fix your life at a certain age. You can, however, remain young mentally. One way is to constantly exercise your brain by thinking. R (MORE)
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Is thirty an adverb?

No, thirty is a number. It can be a noun, or more usually an adjective.
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Where are the thirty-nine steps?

The thirty-nine steps are located on the Ruff, near Bradgate. There are several sets of stairs- thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-nine, forty-two, and forty-five- Scaife and Ri (MORE)
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What is a 'Thirty-One party'?

Thirty-One Gifts is a direct selling company named after Proverbs 31 with the main goal to celebrate, encourage and reward the virtuous woman. At my parties all the guests go (MORE)

How many mph is thirty knots?

30 knots = 34.52 mph If you meant nautical miles, then 30. Nautical Miles (per hour) and knots are basicly the same thing. the only difference is knots is based over seas s (MORE)
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What is fifteen out of thirty as a percentage?

To figure this out, you must first simplify your fraction: 15/30 / 15/15 = 1/2 Since percent means "in one hundred", the denominator of your fraction must be 100. For this (MORE)
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What is scentsy and thirty one?

Thirty-One is a Faith based company that empowers women! Thirty-one sells bags. Scentsy is a wickless candle company.
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Should thirty second be hyphenated?

Any two or three word adjective should be hyphenated ONLY when used as an adjective. Example, "It was his thirty-second birthday." "There was a thirty second delay in rebroadc (MORE)