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What rhymes with thirty?

dirty, shirty, flirty. and for yanks:. birdie, birdy, ciardi, ferdie, mirti, murdy, nerdy, purdie, purdy, sturdy, verde, verdes, wordy, cape verde, mccurdy, double birdie, p (MORE)
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What was the dirty thirties?

the dirty-thirties refers to the fourth decade in the 20th century. aka the 1930's or the great depression
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Is thirty an adverb?

No, thirty is a number. It can be a noun, or more usually an adjective.
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What is 'thirty' in Italian?

Trenta is the Italian equivalent of 'thirty'. It's a masculine gender noun that's pronounced 'trayn- tah'. The way of saying 'about thirty' in Italian is the feminine gende (MORE)

How do you get thirty guns?

You buy them, and hope the Feds don't try to ask about them. Live in Texas or Wyoming, and they won't worry to much.

Is thirty a preposition?

No, it is not a preposition. Thirty is a number, used as anadjective, noun, and pronoun.
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