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What is the syllabus of RRB thiruvananthapuram online examination?

The examination will consist of objective type questions to test the candidates knowledge in the subjects specified as part of minimum educational qualification for the post, ( Full Answer )
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Why is Mumbai rainier than thiruvananthapuram in July?

The monsoon reaches Mumbai about 10 days after Thiruvanantapuramand so the initial impact of the monsoon continues into the nextmonth. After the first initial downpour the mon ( Full Answer )
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Why is July rainier in Mumbai than in thiruvananthapuram?

Bombay is an island and nearly the end of the western ghats. Beingan island, it is always hot and humid. Moreover it is closer to theRajasthan deserts on one side, Vidhyas(Dec ( Full Answer )
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Why are thiruvananthapuram and shillong rainier in June than in July?

Thiruvananthapuram and Shillong are on the easternmost tip of India and are among the first cities along the path of the southwest monsoon. Being closer to the sea Thiruvan ( Full Answer )