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Who was to blame for the murder of Thomas Becket?

Now, that question has many answers. Indeed, it was Henry II that ordered Becket's death, but, did he kill him personally? No, he ordered his knights to do it. And, before we (MORE)

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How old is Thomas Becket?

Thomas Becket was born on December 21, 1118 and died on December 29, 1170. Thomas Becket would have been 52 years old at the time of death or 896 years old today.
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Why was thomas becket archbishop of Canterbury?

Thomas Becket became The Archbishop of Canterbury because King Henry II wanted him archbishop. He wanted him archbishop because Becket was his best friend and he wanted Becket (MORE)

Was thomas becket a traitor?

The people thought that Thomas Becket was a traitor because he didnt agree with the kings view of the church. so people thought he was a traitor because he used to be good fri (MORE)

Why is there a shrine in honor to thomas becket?

There is no shrine to honour St Thomas Becket - it was destroyed along with all other English shrines by king Henry VIII in around 1538. There was a shrine because he was made (MORE)

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