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Who did cromwell fight?

If it's Oliver Cromwell then he fought king Charles I. Charles thought he could rule England by himself and believed in the Divine right of kings which means that he thought h (MORE)

Why was Sir Thomas Cromwell executed?

Thomas Cromwell basically fell out of favour of the King. He was made into Lord Privvy Seal but after that he began to disagree with the king's policies. The final straw betwe (MORE)

How did thomas cromwell die?

Secretary Thomas Cromwell got executed by beheaded after his downfall by telling the king to marry Anne Boleyn he let him off that one but the he told him about Anne of cleave (MORE)

Did thomas cromwell have children?

Thomas Cromwell (1485-1540) had 3 children by his wife Elizabeth Wykes (d. 1527) Gregory Cromwell, Baron Cromwell of Oakham (c. 1514-1551) Anne (died young) Grace (died young) (MORE)

Who were Oliver Cromwell and Thomas Cromwell?

Oliver Cromwell (who overthrew Charles I) was the great, great, great grand-nephew of Thomas Cromwell (Chief Minister to Henry VIII). Thomas Cromwell's sister Catherine was (MORE)

How did thomas cromwell fall from power?

Cromwell was an English statesman and adviser to Henry VIII, responsible for drafting the legislation that formalised England's break with Rome. Thomas Cromwell was born in Pu (MORE)