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Why does Culdee from Thomas and Friends have two faces?

    The Island of Sodor isn’t all flat land and countryside, there are mountains too. The trains of one railway are dedicated to traveling the narrow bends and sharp (MORE)

When were Thomas Jefferson and john Adams friends?

They became friends when both were delegates to the Continental Congress in the 1770s. During Adams' presidency, they had a falling out and did not speak for many years. In (MORE)

Who was Thomas Jefferson best friend?

Dabney Carr. He was Jefferson's best friend growing up and both he and Jefferson promised each other that whoever died before the other would bury the body underneath their fa (MORE)

What is a list of Thomas Jefferson's friends?

James Madison and James Monroe were two Virginian political allies. Meriweather Lewis was his private secretary. He trusted Albert Gallatin his Secretary of Treasury for finan (MORE)

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