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What did Henry II of England make Thomas Becket in 1154?

  Henry II of England made Thomas Becket his Chancellor in 1154, soon after they met. Later, the King also made him Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162. Born in London in 111 (MORE)

How did King Henry react to Thomas Beckets death?

King Henry didn't won't his guards to kill Thomas Becket but he said the line "Will no-one raid me of this troublesome priest!" in a jokey sort of way but his guards herd him (MORE)

Why was Henry II angry with Thomas Becket?

Henry was angry with Thomas Becket because Becket had just betrayed him by expelling all of the bishops that stood by Henry the II (without Henry's permission)
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Why did Henry II choose thomas becket as archbishop?

Henry II wanted to increase his own power over such things as ecclesiastical courts, and to do this he had to reduce the power of the Church. He saw Becket, who was a good fri (MORE)

How did Thomas crammer help Henry VIII?

thomas crammer had a special court that allowed Henry to get a divorce from catherine of aragon
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